MAP Studio Cafe, London



  • Date: 2nd February 2019
  • Time: 20:00
  • Location: playing their own interpretation of Jazz Standards
  • Venue: EJQ

EJQ (Equinox Jazz Quartet) was formed last year by a group of musicians who met through their involvement with other jazz groups in the London area. The group had an enthusiastic response to their first gig, which was at MAP in November. The members of the group come from a range of musical backgrounds so they have experience of playing in a wide variety of styles and ensembles, from classical through to big band and rock. EJQ focuses on playing a wide range of music with an emphasis on their own interpretation of jazz standards.

Danny Silverstone – Alto Sax
Greg Loops – bass
James Lewis – drums
Terry Loane – piano

8pm. Tickets £8
Or call for tickets– 0207 916 0545