MAP Studio Cafe, London

Recording Studio


MAP Recording Studio is a unique, creative recording space in Kentish Town, London. We offer an extensive range of professional services at reasonable rates. Our aim is to provide a comfortable, musician-friendly environment with a warm, creativity-nurturing atmosphere.

A mix of classic, vintage analogue and modern digital equipment and two different recording spaces makes the studio an ideal choice for a variety of projects, from voice-overs to full band recordings. We also offer studio quality recording of live events and have a mobile rig for location recording.

The live rooms consist of a space linked to the venue, which can accommodate full bands, choirs or small orchestras and a smaller room, suitable for vocals, drums or small groups. There is a large, comfortable control room with ample space to track guitars/keyboards, mix, listen and relax.

Founded in 1990, the studio has played host to artists such as Roots Manuva, Miss Dynamite, Dawn Penn and Junior Delgado.

The café serves as a great space for studio users to chill out, grab a coffee or a beer and a bite to eat.

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Console / Recorders

Amek Big by Langley 44 channel analogue desk
Mac Pro 3.3 Ghz Quad-Core 16GB RAM
Avid Pro Tools HD Native 16 I/O
Tascam 32-2 analogue tape recorder
Panasonic SV3800 DAT recorder


Pro-tools 10 / 11
Various plug-ins by Slate Digital, Sound Toys, Waves,
Softube, Auto-Tune, Korg, Structure, Lexicon, Altiverb

Preamps / Dynamics / EQ

Neve 1073 DPA
D.A.V.  BG1u
Focusrite ISA One
Audient ASP 880
Joemeek Twin-Q
Warm Audio WA76 (1176 compressor)
SVA TG12413 dual limiter
SVA “Red Sun God” dual EQ
TK Audio BC1-s stereo bus compressor
DBX 119 decilinear compressor/expander
FMR RNLA levelling amplifier

 Outboard Effects

Lexicon PCM 70 (classic 80’s reverb)
Lexicon PCM 41 (classic delay)
Roland RE-301 Space Echo (the dub echo machine)
Yamaha SPX 990
Furman RV1 Spring Reverb


Neumann U87ai
AKG 414 EB
Groove Tubes MD2
Shure SM7b
Heil PR40
Sennheiser MD421 (MK1)  x 3
AKG D112
Beyer M201TG
Beyer M160
Coles 4038
Line Audio CM3 x2
Line Audio OM1 x2
Oktava MK12 stereo pair
Rode NT1
AKG C418 x 3
AKG C1000
Crown PZM
Shure SM58 x 2
Shure SM57 x 3


Adam A7x
Yamaha NS10M
Event 20/20p
Beyer Dynamic DT100/770 headphones

Instruments / Amps / Toys

W.Hoffmann Upright Piano
Fender Rhodes MKII
Roland JX8P (analogue polysynth)
Crumar Stringman (70’s analogue string synth)
Korg X5D (classic 80’s synth)
Yamaha CS5 (analogue monosynth)
Yamaha DX100 (classic 80’s digital synth)
Casio C1000 (digital synth)
Sonor Delite all maple drum-kit (various pro cymbals)
Ludwig 400 Supraphonic snare drum (60’s)
Fender USA Telecaster
Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass
Fender ’85 guitar amp
WEM Dominator valve guitar amp
Decca DC100 50’s valve amp
Trace Elliot bass amp
Boss DR-55 analogue drum machine
Roland R-8  w/808 card
Roland 707
Roland 727
Sansamp Classic
EHX Small Stone
EHX Electric Mistress
EHX Big Muff (80’s Russian green)
EHX Memory Man
EHX Poly Chorus
Boss DD3 delay “blue label”


Skip Mcdonald, Roots Manuva, Carol Grimes, Junior Delgado, Sam Lee, Sizzla, Goldie, Omar, Aswad, The Ordinary Boys, Dawn Penn, Adamski, Jah Wobble, N-Dubs, Dorian Ford, Skinnyman, Raie, Ricky Rankin, Vlad Miller, Tony Rhone, John Etheridge, Christian Brewer, The Specials, Bukky Leo, James Lascelles, Jimmy Screech, Miss Dynamite, Alexander Nilere, Nina Hatchwell, Jehane Markham, Leon Greening, Alec Dankworth, Tymon Dogg, Jazzmo-thology, Ruth Theodore, Tohnino Crespo, Winston Clifford, Cold Fever, General Wayne, Barry Ford, Don-E, Michael Storie, Kate Daniels, The Beat, Zeeteah Massiah, Lee Stone, Damon Brown, Lynieve Austin, Anoushka Lucas, Vice TV, EMI, BT Sport



  • Recording and Mixing
  • Recording of Live Events – from our upstairs venue space
  • Production
  • Location Recording – multi-channel mobile recording service
  • Media Transfer – DAT / quarter-inch tape to digital


Floor Plan

Floor Plan


£35 per hour
£100 half-day (4 hours)
£200 full-day (10 hours)

All rates are inclusive of engineer and include use of all instruments, equipment and backline. 

Discounts available on longer periods. Please get in touch to discuss.

Studio users are entitled to a complimentary tea or coffee from our cafe.


Contact: Duncan (engineer/studio manager)
+44 (0) 7960 240 216