MAP Studio Cafe, London



  • Date: 22nd March 2023
  • Time: 18:00
  • Location: Congolese-British MC, rapper and songwriter
  • Venue: Brownsilla

Born and established in Camden Town. Brown is a Congolese-British MC, rapper and songwriter who has been bubbling in the scene for sometime, A regular performer in Residence at the Roundhouse as well as Residence in Camden, Brown is an artist who has received great praise and response for music material he has released. Some of you may have come across his music on platforms like GRM Daily.

Brown has performed at numerous event spread across the UK, and has featured as a support act for established artists including Ghetts and Fredo. Alongside events, Browns has also made appearances on radio platforms like Rinse FM and Déjà vu.

Support from :

Just J…


Rapper and Artist from North London, Hackney. His Style has been dubbed as Grime influenced Hip Hop. C.REM focuses his lyrics on the struggles of modern life and experiences in inner city London

Yard Food + Drinks Available at the venue from 6pm. Curfew 11pm – let’s vibe ♣️