MAP Studio Cafe, London

Main studio


MAP's main recording studio
Established in 1990​,​ the studio has evolved over the years to become one of London's most unique​,​ musician-friendly studios
a versatile and well equipped sanctuary for nurturing creativity
Features two live spaces​ and a​ well equipped control room

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Main Features

32×32 channel Pro Tools HD I/O

36 channel Audient ASP8024 analogue mixing console

Two flexible live spaces with a comfortable, well treated control room

Large selection of keys inc. Fender Rhodes MKII, W Hoffmann upright piano and lots of vintage synths

Comprehensive backline with various vintage guitar amps and great sounding vintage drum kit

Well stocked microphone cupboard inc Neumann U87, Coles 4038s and other high quality mics by Gefell, AKG, Sennheiser etc

Good selection of outboard inc Neve, API, Eventide and other classic pieces

Homemade food on site, customers get a tea/coffee on the house!


Console / Recorders

Audient ASP8024 36 channel mixing console
Mac Pro 3.3 Ghz Quad-Core 16GB RAM
Avid HD Native 32×32 I/O (Avid HD I/O + Lynx Aurora converters)
Tascam 32-2 1/4 inch tape recorder


Pro-tools Ultimate
Logic Pro X

UAD-2 Duo (Analogue Classics, Neve 33609, Precision Limiter, Studer Tape, EMT 140 Plate, Little Labs IBP, Eventide H949, Empirical Labs Fatso, Distressor, Marshall stack, Cooper Time Cube, Softube Bass Amp, Ampeg, API channel) 
Sound Toys complete
Oxford Dynamic EQ, Inflator
Waves Renaissance
Antares Auto-Tune


B&W Matrix 805 w/ Bryston 3b power amp
Yamaha NS10M
Event 20/20p
Beyer Dynamic DT100/770 headphones x7


Neumann U87ai
Gefell UM70
Calrec CM1051c x 2
Oktava MK12 x 2
Line Audio CM3 x 2
Line Audio OM1 x 2
AKG C418 x 3

Gefell M990
Pearlman TM1
Groove Tubes MD2

Coles 4038 x 2
Beyer M160

Shure SM7b
Sennheiser MD421 MK1  x 3
Sennheiser MD431
Beyer M201
Heil PR40
AKG D112
AKG D190
Gefell DM622
Shure 585sb
Shure SM58 x 3
Shure SM57 x 3

Audio-Technica Pro 70 lavalier
Celestion Sub Kick Mic
Crown PZM


Neve 1073 DPA x2
Neve 3405 (vintage) x2
D.A.V.  BG1u x2
Focusrite ISA 828 x8
Chandler Germanium x1
Audient console x 36

Dynamics / EQ / Other outboard

Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X
SVA TG12413 EMI limiter
TK Audio BC1-s
DBX 160x
Warm Audio WA76
Valley People Dynamite

API 560b x2
Lindell Audio PEX
SVA Red Sun God stereo
Orban 622b Parametric
Joemeek Twin-Q dual channel strip

Outboard Effects

Eventide H3000
Lexicon PCM 70
Lexicon PCM 41
Roland RE-301 Space Echo
Yamaha SPX 990
Furman RV1 Spring Reverb
SVA A415 Spring Reverb (Grampian 636)

Keyboards / Synths / Drum Machines

W.Hoffmann Upright Piano
Fender Rhodes MKII
Hammond F2000
Crumar Stringman
Yamaha DX7
Roland JX8P
Roland SH09
Ensoniq Mirage
Ensoniq SQ1
Boss DR-55
Roland R8  w/808/ethnic/mallet/sound FX cards
Akai S-20 sampler


Premier Drum Kit (60’s) (20, 12, 16)
Zildjian/Murat Diril cymbals
Ludwig 400 Supraphonic snare drum (60’s)
Various percussion (shakers, tambourines, triangle bongos)
Fender USA Telecaster
Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass
Martin 000-17 Acoustic


Sound City SC120
Roland Jazz Chorus JC160 (2×10)
WEM Dominator
Decca DC100 valve amp
Fender ’85
Ampeg SVT Classic 1×15″
Ampeg SVT mini


Moog MF101 Lowpass Filter
Moog MF102 Ring Modulator
Sansamp Classic
EHX Small Stone
EHX Electric Mistress
EHX Big Muff (80’s Russian green)
Boss DD3 delay “blue label”
Boss HM2 “Heavy Metal”
Boss OC3 Super Octave
Boss HR2 Harmonist
Latent Lemon Hurts “Harmonic Percolator” fuzz



  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Writing Room
  • Recording of Live Events from our upstairs venue space
  • Production
  • Media Transfer –  quarter-inch tape to digital

Floor plan

Floor Plan







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