MAP Studio Cafe, London


Rony Trio

  • Date: 26th September 2015
  • Time: 20:00
  • Location: folk music with a shot of Jägerbomb!
  • Venue: Rony Trio

Rony Trio is a jägerfolk band, like folk music with a shot of Jägerbomb! Or Redbull. It’s a pop/folk blend that draws from all genres from jazz and blues to funk and world music. When Rony performs solo the sound is crafted to fit an intimate atmosphere often coming from distant land.

 Reviewers said:

“It’s like listening to Jack Johnson at his peak, only you’re not subjected to a topless man sitting on a beach making you feel bad about your love for chocolate and alcohol.”

(We Close Tonight

“A selection of upbeat melodies with thoughtful, heartfelt songs to create a set that was rife with genuine emotion.”

(Ransom Note