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Rhyming God

  • Date: 21st July 2018
  • Time: 20:00
  • Location: GOD IS DEAD! IS HE?
  • Venue: Rhyming God

GOD IS DEAD!  IS HE?  Come and find out!  But Whose God…who’s God….God…live God on?  Nietzsche’s prophet Zarathustra and old testament dude the prophet Job pitch their strap lines.  Knock about stuff,  the ringside audience looking to see who gets in the KO.  It might be them!

Rhyming God –  IS GOD DEAD?  OR are we MAD?  A scabrous examination of the existence of God and Man. Interweaving the books of Job and Zarathustra:  one who makes a moral demand on god; the one who makes a moral demand on man.

Outside Greek theatre and medieval mystery gigs takes on God are rare in theatre.  

Rhyming God – there’s some jokes a few songs a dance or two, and a set of ladders.
Rhyming God – God takes a bow tells Job what to do.
Rhyming God – Zarathustra down the mountain,  tells the people a thing or two.
Rhyming God – metaphysics pataphysics or whackiphysics? Kant – Jarry – Groucho?
Rhyming God – calls the audience to their destiny or find their inner Nietzsche.

God is Dead – the riddle is yours. Be warned! 

Pete Mortimer writes in the British Theatre Guide:
“Adrin Neatrour’s quirky one-man plays have previously taken on stories by Kafka and Dostoevsky, now Neatrour embarks on a journey of exploration taking in the Bible and Nietzsche.  His expressive face, body and voice are perfect vehicles for this kind of thing; he can within minutes put us at ease then make us squirm in our seats.”

Adrin Neatrour performer writer filmaker.  Worked with Newcastle Theatre companies:

Mamon, Skin and Bones, Puppets and People, Byker Mummers. Recently taken one man shows

Report to an Academy (Kafka) the Dream of a Ridicuolous Man(Dostoevsky) to Amsterdam, NewYork,  exploring dramatic possibilities of existential writers.
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Show starts 8pm
Tickets £5
Or call for tickets– 0207 916 0545