MAP Studio Cafe, London


Grain of Sand

  • Date: 26th October 2017
  • Time: 20:00
  • Location: Lively Stories laced with satire romance and whimsy
  • Venue: Grain of Sand

The fruits of excessive people-watching, eradicating anonymity one tale at a time. 

From the flaneûr’s eye, humorous characters, drenched in poetic language, retell their adventures. Accompanied by Alexi’s finely tuned fingers, the maestro graces these sketches with his musical mystique. 

Investigating the fantastic potential of the city, the stories give reign to the bizarre and hopeful conjectures of everyday observation – the passing glance at the bus stop, the sombre couple in the coffee shop – and delight in its quotidian beauty, discarded daily amongst the infernal throng. With piano and bass, an hour of snapshot stories awaits. Drop in and out as you like and enjoy the stories with a crowd’s fluidity.

Imagine the face, as you brace the morning commute, which recalls a lost lover, beloved brother, or terrifying sister. The glimmer of bewilderment, terror, or joy in those fleeting seconds, swept away in the tube’s slipstream, now becomes a seed for reflection. These stories are also a sentimental conversation with the whims that we deem trivial. Lively, satirical, laced with romance and introspective nostalgia, they are performed through the eye of a brash, sharp romantic, lavished with mortal pathos.

Doors 7.30. Tickets £5
Or call for tickets– 0207 916 0545

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