MAP Studio Cafe, London


An Evening with Enia Sofia & MarceL

  • Date: 29th July 2023
  • Time: 19:30
  • Location: Portuguese Alt-Folk
  • Venue: An Evening with Enia Sofia & MarceL

Come join us for a Saturday evening with live music by Enia Sofia and MarceL, two-london based musicians and multi-instrumentalists who will invite us for a journey of moments and melodies in the company of inspiring musicians who will join us on this musical and soul journey.

This evening will bring electric, acoustic, and nylon string guitars intertwined with Enia’s and MarceL’s vocals accompanied by the double bass and drums/percussion. MarceL lets invites us to embark on a travel that brings different musical styles together from blues to Folk, and much more. Enia Sofia blends the Fado influence of Portugal with alt-Folk, blurring lines between traditional and contemporary music. Alongside the musical conversations taking place this evening at Map Cafe, words will involve the presence of English, French, and Portuguese poems and lyrics.


You can get tickets here or on the door!


Much gratitude & love

Enia Sofia & MarceL