MAP Studio Cafe, London


The NewArkansans

  • Date: 3rd September 2016
  • Time: 20:00
  • Location: Newark based rock and roll
  • Venue: The NewArkansans

The NewArkansans, or TNA as they are also affectionately referred, are a Newark based rock and roll outfit, hellbent on delivering hair, tunes, and good times to the masses. Folk rock and southern soul meet powerhouse British vocalities and attitudes in an exuberant collision of storytelling, shit-talking, and general debauchery.

TNA is comprised of Rosie “Zita Corazon” Corcoran leading vocals and AR’s prodigal son Kelso Gin Whitney on guitar, harmonica and harmonies. Blending powerhouse Brit-soul vocals with a blues-rock southern song-writing mystique, The Newarkansans deliver all the folk-wailing subtext of an alcohol induced dream. Rosie draws from her Birmingham roots and extensive musical theatre career (Rocky Horror Picture Show), to distinctively counter and reflect Kelso Gin’s country and rock influences, resulting in  powerful harmonies and bar banging rhythmic intensity. Based in Newark NJ, TNA executes a contemporary vision of rock, blues, soul and folk, merging influence from both sides of an Atlantic ocean full of whiskey. They beseech you to enjoy.

Tickets £7 in Advance £8 on door
Map Studio: – 0207 916 0545