MAP Studio Cafe, London


Sur Ecoute quartet

  • Date: 18th October 2019
  • Time: 19:00
  • Location: Contemporary Jazz
  • Venue: Sur Ecoute quartet

The Sur Ecoute quartet is a remarkable jazz group from the Lyon collective Pince-Oreilles. Their name alludes to phone-tapping and was also the French title for the US TV series ‘The Wire’. Sur Ecoute inhabits the mainstream of contemporary jazz and their repertoire consists almost entirely of originals by members of the band. Their compositions are usually tightly-structured yet make adequate space for improvisations, both individual and collective.

The band is fronted by saxophonist Greg Sallet and completed by pianist Matthieu Roffe, bassist Bertrand Beruard (using a 5-string fretted electric bass) and drummer Kevin Lucchetti. After tours in Latin America and the United Kingdom the Sur Ecoute quartet have recently released their first album, “Muss Es Sein? Es muss Sein!”   

7pm. Tickets £6
Or call for tickets– 0207 916 0545

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