MAP Studio Cafe, London


Stuart Rose

SRM Landscape
  • Date: 16th September 2017
  • Time: 20:00
  • Location: Evocative, melodic and poetic music from multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter
  • Venue: Stuart Rose

After his wonderful performance for our Café Sessions in June, and after a 3-month tour of the UK, Netherlands and Germany, Stuart Rose returns to MAP Studio Café to perform a solo concert of his wondrous Contemporary Folk, Jazz and World Music.

Evocative, melodic, poetic, often exotic, talented singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer, Stuart Rose, creates a marvellous mix of Jazz Blues, Contemporary Folk and World Music. With his warm smoky vocals, guitars, bouzouki, Irish low whistles, Turkish ney flute, didgeridoo (yes, he’s originally from Australia) and loops, Stuart performs his achingly beautiful songs and sensational instrumentals in a very intimate solo concert.

Stuart Rose’s original and improvisational style creates uniquely soulful music. As a journeyman through many different genres of music, he now finds joy in grafting and blending musical styles, developing fusions that intersect generic boundaries – be that a big Jazz guitar break in an Alt-Country song, for example, or jumping between or even combining Western & Eastern music, including Celtic, Appalachian, Andalusian, Latin and Aegean traditions. Stuart’s recent performances include sold out shows at Adelaide Guitar Festival 2016 “Guitars In Bars”, highlights including WOMADelaide, Adelaide Fringe Festival (5 out of 5 star reviews), and touring the UK, Netherlands, Germany and Denmark in 2013, receiving fabulous responses from audiences everywhere.

Stuart Rosevocals, guitars, bouzouki, Irish low whistle, Turkish ney flute, didgeridoo

Doors 8pm. Tickets £8
Or call for tickets– 0207 916 0545

Releases include:
SEEDS OF SONGS EP (The Moor Rose, 2011) – “utterly enthralling…combines traditions magnificently” (Leicester Bangs UK);

HEARSAY EP (The Moor Rose, 2013) – “rich musical tapestries… punchy and passionate” (FolkWorld, Germany); and his third EP (solo),

DESERTS & DALES, was released in April 2017, ahead of his second international tour including concerts and festivals in NYC, UK, Netherlands and Germany.

Stuart Rose Website

“He causes goose-pimples with his voice… and creates a beautiful musical painting.” – Westfälische Anzeiger, Germany.

“A master of sounds.” – Reinhard Potschinski, Music aus aller Welt, Germany.

“His performances were excellent – audiences were highly impressed and moved by his

musicianship and compositions.” Brigitte Rennie, The Mosaic Cat, UK.

“Wondrous.” – Rip It Up.