MAP Studio Cafe, London


Saint Monday

  • Date: 6th March 2023
  • Time: 19:30
  • Location: + Kristina Karsegard and Annie Maguire
  • Venue: Saint Monday

Confused, confusing, and a lot of fun,
Saint Monday are haphazard blend of rock, punk and on the nose political commentary.

Founded in the heady summer of 2022, and boasting a never before attempted combination of guitars, bass, drums and vocals, they lurch wildly between farce, wide eyed sincerity and the occasional catchy tune.

Saint Monday are available without prescription. Reported side effects of ingestion include nausea, elation and dizziness. Consult your pharmacist if symptoms persist.

*Genuine* praise for Saint Monday:

“If a Muse cover band attempted a song about the General Data Protection Regulation, it might sound like this”

“Infectious energy, but why are they so filled with spite?”

“As an offshore property investment conglomerate, Saint Monday spoke to me in all the wrong ways.”