MAP Studio Cafe, London


Magical Mystical Musical Marvellous

  • Date: 13th July 2018
  • Time: 18:30
  • Location: Launching the Party to end all Political Parties
  • Venue: Magical Mystical Musical Marvellous
A very peaceful revolution is to be set in MusicalMysticalMotion at the MAP STUDIO CAFE GraftonRd -on Friday the 13thJuly – which is the 33rd Anniversary of the LiveAidConcert -the Day that Donald ‘Duck’ Trump is fated to regret his London arrival and the Evening launch of the Party to end all Political Parties.
TheWonderParty -will be set off on It’s VirtualParadise Trip to a World of Wonders – by a Musical rendering of this Lyric performed by a recently assembled MAPWonderPartyBandParty.
OUR PLAY “Our Play is Written, Produced, Directed and Dated -Everything is Relative and We are all Related. Very soon the Scene shall Change – We’ll be Woken up to Rearrange. A World of Wonders is ours to Make -So Come On -Come On for Heaven’s Sake!Let’s Tick Together -Let’s Mark What’s Right -Let’s Tick Together -Let’s Spark the Light.”
The MAP WonderPartyBandParty will be the first of many hundreds of Band Parties that will be joined by the £3.33 downloading of their versions of the OUR PLAY Lyric -these WonderPartyBands will surely field Winning Candidates, in most… if not all – of our Parliamentary Constituencies at a near future General Election.”
(Admission to this Historic 6.30pm starting event will cost £5 that will include Life Membership in the MAP WONDER PARTY BAND PARTY – Do You Think that You are ‘Meant to Be’ there?)
Band starts 6.30pm. Tickets £5
Or call for tickets– 0207 916 0545