MAP Studio Cafe, London


Electric Earth & Weather Mechanics

  • Date: 1st September 2018
  • Time: 15:00
  • Location: A holistic approach to explain how the universe functions
  • Venue: Electric Earth & Weather Mechanics


In an ever changing premise that reality continually goes through, the world of science is no different. Where as throughout the twentieth century the ‘standard model’ and which has unrelated guesswork that doesn’t fit together but is preached as gospel, the Electric Universe theory in stark contrast uses a holistic approach to explain how the universe functions and which is based on the known and very Real Science of Plasma Physics and Electrical Engineering.

As such it is now being looked at by academics and the members of the general public alike and taken on board generally around the world due to its uncomplicated and common sense approach to understanding reality.

With this being due to the Electric Universe ideal’s of using a real and proper scientific method and rejecting the ideas that although are generally accepted, are based on pure dream-work and which are then backed up with contorted mathematical mind games.

Even thought the ‘standard model’ is taught as truth, it is in fact a very, very long way from it and so this has spawned a paradigm shift of cosmological proportions.

So we are pleased to announce that a monthly Get Together on the first Saturday of the month will be held at the MAP Studio Cafe between 15:00 and 17:30.

The two and a half hour session will host either a single or a couple of guest speakers, followed by a Q&A session and general discussion. After which we will be then decanting to the Grafton Arms at the end of the street to carry on with the chat, if people wish.

Although the talks will be formal as to their delivery and content, the atmosphere will be very much informal and this is why MAP was decided on for our monthly meetings. As their vibe offers just the type of environment suited to this massive change in the scientific understanding that we offer and that very much goes against the main stream science’s doctrine and tenet.


Entry to this event is free but we do ask for donations of between £1 and £5 pounds to cover our costs for hosting these events, if you can afford it.

We would also like you to take the opportunity to participate in having a drink or two and/or food that is available in the cafe on the ground floor. They have a lovely range of munchables, with a variety of bottled beers and a couple of draught beers from a local brewery on tap, as well as soft drinks.


1st SEPTEMBER 2018

Philip Francis: Electric Earth & Weather Mechanics.

Phil has had a long association with MAP on the art side and which goes back to the companies inception back in ’92. But now he starts the science ball rolling with this new departure of events at MAP.

 As well as having a long history of being involved in the arts, he and as well as being a Brit, is also a professional horticulturist and as such, has always had a special interest in how the weather works but now explains it and also the earth form his electrical perspective.

He has been involved with the Electrical Universe and the main umbrella group The Thunderbolts Project that runs out of the U.S since 2013 and has given talks at Birkbeck, UCL and other establishments and is one of, if not the leading spokesperson for the theory in the UK today.

Doors 3.00 Free Entry
Or call for tickets– 0207 916 0545

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6th October 2018

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3rd November 2018

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1st December 2018

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