MAP Studio Cafe, London


DuneWind EP Release Party

  • Date: 18th May 2024
  • Time: 19:00
  • Venue: Dunewind - EP Release Party

Come and celebrate DUNEWIND’s “Midnight on the Dune” release! With the fantastic support from Sara Jasmin Page and Nohland.

The boys of Dunewind are back in Kentish Town to celebrate the release of their first EP “Midnight on the Dune”. This first opus signs a sensational collaboration between the band and producer Boyan Borisov.

Pierre, Todor, Bogdan and Alex will be rocking the stage of the mythical MAP once again and can’t wait to see you singing along to their all mighty hit “A World” (“There’s, A World, Over there, Waiting for you” … Now you know the lyrics, be ready !)

The evening will be supported by the stunning opening acts of Sara Jasmin Page and Nohland. 

Each ticket gives you a free signed copy of Dunewind’s EP “Midnight on the Dune”

Can’t wait to see you there !

Ticket available here