MAP Studio Cafe, London


Chisara Agor: Music and Lyrics

  • Date: 6th December 2023
  • Time: 19:00
  • Location: unique blends of afro-folk, soul, pop and jazz
  • Venue: Chisara Agor

Wednesday 6th December we have an unforgettable evening of music and lyrics with Chisara Agor!


Don’t miss the chance to experience Chisara’s incredible artistry as a performer and songwriter live at MAP Studio cafe, with a small intimate audience. Sharing songs from their upcoming project Shadows and Searchlights, her musical in development The Garden, as well as favourite songs from artists that have continued to inspire her music.

Chisara Agor is an emerging artist who has been making waves across the industry. A BBC introducing London featured artist and award winning composer, producer and writer in their own right. Her unique style blends elements of afro-folk, soul, pop and jazz, creating a sound that is truly her own. With her powerful voice and thought-provoking lyrics, Chisara’s performances are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Currently developing her musical The Garden as part of The national Theatre Studio as well as numerous projects and performances. Mark your calendars and secure your tickets for this one-of-a-kind event ahead of a major headline show in 2024 to be announced this December. Prepare to be moved by Chisara Agor’s music and lyrics in the most stripped back sense, we can’t wait to see you there!

The venue for the evening, MAP Studio cafe promises an intimate atmosphere with limited seating, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in Chisara’s music, stories and discussions about art. Gather your friends and loved ones and come enjoy a night filled with beautiful melodies and meaningful lyrics.

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