MAP Studio Cafe, London


Cathy Tabbakh – “Rouge-Red”

  • Date: 24th April 2016
  • Time: 15:00
  • Location: Free Exhibition
  • Venue: Cathy Tabbakh - "Rouge-Red"


Cathy Tabbakh

Cathy Tabbakh

Cathy Tabbakh

Cathy Tabbakh

Born in Lyon, France, Cathy Tabbakh is a Franco-Armenian painter based in London.

For the last five years, portraiture has been her main style of expression. Keeping her abstract influences from De Staël to O’Keeffe, she captures the essence of the sitter through the tainted poetry of oil paints.

Tabbakh displays an acute attention to form portraits, subsequently refining her own visual vocabulary that emerged through the focus between femininity, warmth and dream, including a growing mystery of darkness.

Since 2012, Modigliani and De Lempicka have remained major sources of inspiration, trying to capture the exuberance of each sitter’s sight and aura through their coloured eyes and imagination.

“Rouge-Red” is her first exhibition in London (at Map Studio)

Exhibition of 16 paintings featuring:

3 exotic fruits

3 exotic fruits

Blue and Red self-portrait

Blue and Red self-portrait

Land of the Witches, 2007

Land of the Witches

Blue is the Warmest Colour

Blue is the Warmest Colour

Witch 1

Witch 1

1– Diptyque, Partie 1- 2008- 70×40.5 cm- £200- Oil on canvas

2– Diptyque, Partie 2- 2008- 80×80 cm-£350- Oil on canvas

3–Land of the Witches, 2007- 100x80cm-£400- Oil on canvas

4–Abstraction Cuivrée, 2009- 73x60cm-£200- Oil on canvas

5–Pink Flamingo, 2009- 80x80cm-£300- Oil on canvas

6–La couleur de la névrose est bleue, 2015- 70x50cm -£200- Oil on canvas

7– Blue and red Self-portrait, 2013- 61×46.5cm -£400- Oil on canvas

8– Blue is the warmest colour, 2012- 40x29cm -£300- Oil on cardboard

9– Marion, 2012- 46.5×29.5 cm -£200- Oil on paper 

10–Boy with blue jumper, 2012- 46.5×29.5 cm -£200- Oil on paper 

11–Joanna, 2012 – 46.5×29.5 cm -£200- Oil on paper 

12– Le Magnanime, 2012 – 46.5×29.5 cm -£200- Oil on paper 

13– Witch 1, 2013 – 46.5×29.5 cm -£300- Oil on paper 

14– Claire in robe, 2014 – 76x51cm -£300- Oil on canvas

15– 3 Exotics fruits, 2015 – 90x60cm -£500- oil on canvas

Private View: 24/04 3pm – 7pm, Free entry until 7 pm

Exhibition: 24/04 – 29/05, Free Entry

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