MAP Studio Cafe, London


Black Martis

  • Date: 12th September 2015
  • Time: 20:00
  • Location: Instrumental Piano Trio
  • Venue: Black Martis

Black Martis are an instrumental piano based trio from Milton Keynes. Whilst their set-up may resemble that of a standard jazz trio, the music does not. Mixing pounding rock and samba-fuelled rhythms, aggressive bass lines and flowing piano riffs (along with the occasional 4/4 time signature), Black Martis create a sound big enough to surprise the unsuspecting onlooker in more ways than one.

Loyalty to any particular genre goes out of the window and what is left is a truly passionate sound unrestrained by what is expected. Imagine if the collective members of And So I Watch You From Afar, Fugazi and Explosions in the Sky were to come together and form a piano trio.