MAP Studio Cafe, London


  • Date: 5th December 2023
  • Time: 19:00
  • Location: Garance Paule and the Surely Knots
  • Venue: Polaris The Musical Show


Polaris The Musical Show

This Tuesday, Radio Carol’Eye’N present Polaris the show! A tale of music, colour and light, 5th Dec promises to be a truly magical night…

‘All my life, I have been guided by my very own Polaris….’

Polaris is the story of a little girl, Prudence, with a peculiar affliction, Malody, causing her to live in a world of music and fantasy. After a visit from a star, Polaris, in a dream, she conjures up a fantastical musical bird, Mighty Blue, in order to reunite the seven colours of the rainbow, and bring colour back into the world. Alongside the Dreamers, who embody the colours of the rainbow, Mighty Blue sails on the Great White Whale on a quest across the Fantasea. Join Radio Carol’Eye’N on this musical voyage through the cosmos, where dolphins sing, and butterflies dance.

The tale is based on an original script and music by Garance Paule and the Surely Knots. Combining stunning visual spectacle, fairytale storytelling, childlike innocence, and a musical score as touching as it is infectious, Polaris is a unique piece of multimedia artistic expression, and not a show to be missed. So come along now, creature, let yourself be carried away, to the Isle of Dreams, where remember, Polaris does sway….


Tickets available here!